Lord Stéphane Narcisse

Described as brilliant, sexual, and fierce, Narcisse is a devout Catholic with a “death grip” on French Court. Living in an age where life is actually cheap, he will trade lives to achieve his goals. It is always difficult to tell how genuine he is being, for he is also a consummate liar.

Narcisse believes that the correct way of keeping France a great nation is by doing things his way, which is why he has no guilt over his actions even if they are monstrous, and he has no qualms over intimidating even Francis into doing the things he wants for the sake of France. Hence, though the terrible things he does might be for good intentions, he is viewed as a great thorn in the side of the King and Queen.

When he came to the French Court, he started looking for a woman with whom he could share mutual love, and while he ends up having sexual relations with Catherine and Claude, the woman of his dreams turned out to be Lola, for the relations he had with the former two stemmed purely from sexual needs and desire to gain power. In contrast, when he is with Lola, Narcisse demonstrates a compassionate and romantic side that seems to be wholly unexpected of such an ambitious and scheming man, for he genuinely cares for her and would do anything for her.

However, it was still evident that, while Narcisse's love for Lola was true, it was still a selfish and manipulative love that was no match for what he deemed to be his own best interests: even after being married to Lola, Narcisse cheated on her with Catherine for political matters, and Lola later found out that not only had he been unfaithful to her, but also he had actually tricked her into marrying him. This discovery caused her to leave him after a fateful confrontation over his deceit and betrayals, and Narcisse appeared to be genuinely heartbroken by her departure, indicating that he possibly felt true remorse for his actions.

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